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We’re proud to partner with clients across diverse market sectors. We lead our clients through innovative digital solutions to effectively pivot to serve their customers.


1. Strategy: Brand Position

Branding done right can make your business unforgettable. We start by understanding the nature of your brand, business goals, and your target audience. Then we decide the best strategy that will resonate with that audience.

Digital Marketing Service

2. Content: Creating the experience

We create authentic, compelling, and engaging experiences that make your brand come to life. We communicate your brand in a way that your audience connects, digests, and implements; that way they can imagine and use it in their own lives.

3. Distribution: Marketing

We deliver content to the proper channels for your brand. We do this by understanding your target audience and formatting content for your website, social, broadcasting, and digital advertising.


The Emotional Company managed to create quality outputs for the client. They managed to help them achieve a better position with their brand in the market. The team conducted weekly calls for progress reports. Their project management style was relaxed and easy to work with.

Samantha Hannaford Co-Founder

The brand design that The Emotional Company worked on received compliments from internal stakeholders. The team delivered on time and was easy to work with. Overall, the client is satisfied with the output and looks forward to a future partnership.

Tracy Brosnan Founder & President

The Emotional Company listened to feedback and ensured that the client receives the best quality possible. The workflow was seamless and the result of the project was satisfactory.

Benjamin Zimmerman Managing Director

The Emotional Company delivered a remarkable product as just 48 hours after the launch of the website, the client has already seen a dramatic increase in traffic and the number of inquiries they received. The team's creativity and vision allowed them to create something unique.

Mike Russ, Jr. Founder & CEO